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Sysdev Partners With Star Micronics To Provide a Mobile Application Generator for the AsuraCPRNT

Sysdev Partners With Star Micronics To Provide a Mobile Application Generator for the AsuraCPRNT

Established in 2006, Sysdev is an independent software company that specializes in development tools and applications for mobile computers.

Kalipso, developed by Sysdev, is a fast and powerful mobile application generator that allows applications to be easily created, resulting in reduced development costs. With a powerful communication engine and synchronization tool, Kalipso allows online and offline custom Android applications to be developed. The Kalipso platform includes a set of features that enables the creation, deployment and support of mobile applications using any combination of ODBC, Web Services, FTP and Text Files for manipulating information, barcode data, receipt design etc. Requiring no expert knowledge or the need to write code, the intuitive interface allows users to simply drag and drop actions.

Kalipso has been designed for use with the AsuraCPRNT™ compact ‘All-in-One’ 38cm high interactive communication system from Star Micronics. This system can be integrated seamlessly into any environment or mobile infrastructure as a stand-alone terminal, server or Thin Client solution whether at store entry, point-of-sale or shelf edge to run product advertising, retail merchandising and POS promotions.

Much more than a standard kiosk, this innovative solution offers a unique way to engage customers, simplify and personalise the purchase experience and ultimately maximise sales by offering a wealth of applications from queue management solutions to in-store browsing and endless aisle reservation systems, loyalty and coupon redemption and ticket validation. In fact, the range of applications is limitless with this unique hardware platform providing the opportunity to build custom apps and create a complete value added solution.

As Arsenio Gil, Managing Director, Sysdev states: “Having worked closely with Star our solution can provide users of the AsuraCPRNT™ with a simple yet effective means of developing custom online and offline applications cost efficiently and without the need for expert knowledge.”



27th Январь 2015